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If you have a question about your policy, would your Medicare Supplement agent be available for you to call? Would your agent check your PDP plan EVERY year, free of charge?

Best Medicare Supplement Plan Reviews

With Medicare changing costs each year, most people are searching the Internet for the best Medicare Supplement plans 2018. Let's take a brief look at some of the differences between the best Medicare Supplement plans 2018.

Med Supp Plan F

When people think of Medicare Supplements, usually the first plan that you will hear them talk about is a Medicare Supplement Plan F. Why? This plan offers first dollar coverage and there is no out of pocket cost as long as Medicare picks up its 80%. But did you know that there are significant savings with plans outside of the popular Medicare Supplement Plan F? Let's take a look at some current facts.

Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period

Are you unhappy with your Medicare Advantage plan? Did you know that the Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period (MAPD) is January 1st - February 14th every year? If you are unhappy with your plan, you can disenroll during this time and return to Original Medicare (you cannot switch to another Medicare Advantage plan at this time, but you can enroll in a Part D stand-alone drug plan). If you miss this period, your next opportunity to change your plan is during the Annual Enrollment Period which is October 15th - December 7th of each year.

Guaranteed Issue Med Supp

Recently we initiated contact with a group that has a "Guaranteed Issue Med Supp". It is not a standardized Medicare Supplement, but it is a plan that supplements Medicare and is almost like a Plan F and Plan N hybrid plan.

Philadelphia American Medicare Supplement

There is a company by the name of Philadelphia American that has been in the senior market for the past few years that is picking up a lot of the business in the Medicare Supplement arena. They offer different products but the main product they are offering is the Philadelphia American Medicare Supplement. This product has extremely low rates across the United States and is a very attractive product to many seniors looking for supplemental coverage to Medicare.

Underwriting Medicare Supplement Plans

Before jumping into the Medicare Supplement market, companies must figure out the different risks and rewards to being in the business. There are a lot of factors to consider when looking at underwriting Medicare supplement plans. There are actuarial tables for rates, underwriting health questions to determine eligibility, state laws to comply with, federal regulated benefits to adhere to, and many other factors that go into underwriting Medicare supplement plans. This article should help people realize some of the risk factors that have to be considered.

Lower Medigap Rates

If you are looking to lower your current Medigap Rates or purchase a policy with lower Medigap Rates we have a strategy for you. As of 2013, the Plan F Medicare Supplement is the most popular Medigap policy sold. However, it is also the plan that receives the highest rate increases across the country as well.

Insurance Quotes

There are websites all over the internet that say they offer "Free Insurance Quotes". However, if you have tried to do any comparison you will discover that usually they will provide you an insurance quote but 10 agents will be calling you for over a month trying to sell you one of their plans.

BAI Seniors Choice Medical Plan

Many times when individuals turn 65 they purchase the traditional Medicare Supplement and Part D plan. This is a great option but what tends to happen is that health insurance rates increase over the years and the Medicare beneficiary is unable to change Medicare Supplements due to health questions (this does not apply in all states). However, the new Benefits Association Senior Choice Medical Plan provides seniors with the Medicare Supplement type coverage without the health questions.

Equitable Medicare Supplement Rates

Equitable is now introducing a Medicare Supplement product. Equitable is expected to gain a lot of ground in the Medicare market through the course of 2013 and 2014. Equitable Medicare Supplement Rates are expected to be some of the most competitive Medigap rates in the market. They are large insurance company and expand across a good portion of the United States. They are also a secure rated company with AM Best which makes them a company we recommend for Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Medicare Plans in North Carolina

As you may already know Medicare plans vary in every state across the country. Medicare Plans in North Carolina have better priced options than most states with their Medicare Supplement plans starting around $100 a month.