Equitable Medicare Supplement Rates

Equitable is now introducing a Medicare Supplement product. Equitable is expected to gain a lot of ground in the Medicare market through the course of 2013 and 2014. Equitable Medicare Supplement Rates are expected to be some of the most competitive Medigap rates in the market. They are large insurance company and expand across a good portion of the United States. They are also a secure rated company with AM Best which makes them a company we recommend for Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Right now we see the Equitable having very low Medicare Supplement Rates in Mississippi, Texas, and many other states across the country.

Equitable Insurance Company

Equitable was founded in 1931, during the Great Depression, when America was looking for any ray of hope they could find. Now, 80+ years later Equitable Life and Casualty is the second oldest and one of the largest insurance companies in Utah. Wanting to expand its market they have now decided to offer Medicare Supplements on a national basis. We see their rates are competitive and they have entered the market with a plan to succeed.

Equitable Medicare Supplement Rates

Equitable has decided to enter the Medicare market and should be releasing their Medigap plans in March of 2013. They will be releasing an online application that does not require a wet signature. Equitable will also have telephonic phone applications which will speed up the application process.

Medicare Insurance Finders will be representing Equitable since the are a financially secure company with competitive rates throughout the United States. If you would like to purchase an Equitable Medicare Supplement Plan or receive rates on their plans please contact 877-759-5760.

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