BAI Seniors Choice Medical Plan

Many times when individuals turn 65 they purchase the traditional Medicare Supplement and Part D plan. This is a great option but what tends to happen is that health insurance rates increase over the years and the Medicare beneficiary is unable to change Medicare Supplements due to health questions (this does not apply in all states). However, the new Benefits Association Senior Choice Medical Plan provides seniors with the Medicare Supplement type coverage without the health questions.

Benefits Association Senior Choice Medical Plan

The first questions that are probably coming to your head are:

What is the Benefits Association Senior Choice Medical Plan? How does it work? Are there limitations on the providers? Are there rate increases high as well? How can I enroll? Do I have to be a retiree or associated with Benefits Association?
These are great questions and we will address each one:
  1. Benefits Association Senior Choice Medical Plan: is a group retiree medical plan. It is health insurance for those 65 or older that supplements Original Medicare. It is not a standardized Medicare Supplement but it pretty much covers the same thing besides a $10 co-pay at the doctors office.
  2. How does it work and who are the providers: The plan works like a regular Medigap policy and the providers are the same as your traditional Medicare Supplement Insurance. As long as the doctor accepts Medicare you can go to them for service.
  3. Rate Increases: the average rate increase for this product is 3%. We are not the insurance company so we can not guaranteed anything but the average rate increase is 3%.

Benefits Association Senior Choice Medical Plan Enrollment

To enroll in this plan you must be a member of Benefits Association. You are allowed to join the association with the same application that you enroll in the Senior Choice Medical Plan. These plans only have a 1st of the month effective date and enrollment forms are required 10 days prior to the effective date. So basically the 20th of the month is the last day to enroll for the following month. Benefits Association has an online application for this insurance plan. If you do not feel comfortable enrolling in this plan online please call our office at 877-759-5760 for more help in completing the Benefits Association Senior Choice Medical Plan Application.

Benefits Association Group Retiree Medical Plan - 877-759-5760.

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