Best Medicare Supplement Plan Reviews

With Medicare changing costs each year, most people are searching the Internet for the best Medicare Supplement plans 2018. Let's take a brief look at some of the differences between the best Medicare Supplement plans 2018.

As you may know, Medicare Supplement plans are standardized. This means that a plan of a certain letter has the same benefits no matter which carrier you choose. For example, a Plan F with one carrier has the same benefits as a Plan F with any other carrier. And although most plans, like Plan F and Plan G, offer similar basic benefits, some additional benefits may also be offered.

Plan N and High Deductible Plan F are a little different. If you decide on a Plan N, you will pay up to $20 for a visit to the doctor and up to $50 for an emergency room visit. You are also responsible for the $183 annual Part B deductible. If you decide on a High Deductible Plan F, then you will have a $2,240 deductible for 2018. You have the flexibility to choose which plan best meets your specific needs.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans 2018

The most popular plans are Plan F and Plan G; however, Plan F will phase out in 2020 and new Medicare members will not be able to sign up for this plan. But, if you currently have Plan F, you can keep your plan.

Best Medicare Supplements Plans 2018:

  • Plan F
  • Plan G
  • Plan N
  • High Deductible Plan F

Medicare Supplement plan benefits adjust with the changing Medicare costs. For example, when Medicare deductibles rise, Medicare Supplement plan benefits will increase to match those increases.

Please review our two top plans (Plan F & Plan G) in the chart below. You will see the NEW Medicare costs for 2018 along with the comparison of what Medicare will pay, what Plan F or G will pay, and what you will pay. 

best medicare supplement plan reviews

Finally, to view the best Medicare Supplement plans 2018 in your area, from a variety of carriers, please CLICK HERE. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact MWG Senior Services at 877-759-5760, or by email at Our advisors are always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have!

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