What Is Your Retirement Resolution?

Happy New Year from MWG Senior Services!

With the New Year, it is a great time to reflect on your goals for 2021. In the first year of retirement, you will see many changes in life. One of those changes will be time. With being out of the office, you are going to have more time than ever to do what you enjoy. We have made a short list of New Year’s resolutions that you might want to incorporate in 2021.

  1. Be active.
  2. Eat better.
  3. Start a hobby.

It is important to schedule your days filled with activity, to ensure you are staying healthy. It is essential for the overall health of your body to have at the minimum of 30 minutes of activity in your day. Try walking, dancing, hiking, yoga, swimming, etc.

Another great resolution to commit to this year is eating better! Consume foods that are linked to increased brain power because these protect your heart and blood vessels.

  1. Green veggies like kale, broccoli, and spinach are plant-based foods that help reduce the speed of cognitive decline.
  2. Fatty fishes like salmon, cod and light tuna are all low in mercury and omega-3 fatty acids (lowers blood levels of beta-amyloid, which forms clumps in brain of people with Alzheimer’s disease).
  3. Strawberries and blueberries are known to prevent the aging brain from memory loss since they are high antioxidants, they protect brain cells from free radicals and inflammation).

For 2021, this year can finally be the time you invest in a hobby for yourself! Is there a dream you have always wanted to reach? Maybe you have a certain place you would like to visit or a activity you have never tried! Your first year in retirement is the perfect time to start something new.

  • Learn how to sow or knit.
  • Join a networking group or non-profit.
  • Take up photography.
  • Join a community sports league.
  • Create a garden or green house.
  • Make a list of places to travel to this year.

We also want to make sure you start off your retirement and Medicare journey knowing you made the right decision when it comes to your insurance! Give us a call at (877) 759-5762, and an advisor will be ready to speak with you about your options.

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