What is Medigap Insurance?

Most people have heard about Medicare and some individuals will understand that there are 4 Parts of Medicare but very few people truly understand what Medigap Insurance is unless they have purchased a policy before. Medigap Plans help you secure your financial future by limiting your healthcare costs. These plans fill in the gaps of Original Medicare (Parts A & B), leaving you will less or no out of pocket expenses. To learn more about Medicare Supplement insurance rates and plan options keep reading.

Medigap Insurance - Plan Design

 As you will see in the chart above there are 10 different Medigap Insurance Plans to choose between. Some of these plans are very comprehensive like the Medicare Supplement Plan F and then others are very basic like the Medicare Supplement Plan A.

The best Medicare Supplement Plan is the one that provides the best coverage for your needs; however, many people feel that the Plan F is the best Medigap Plan available due to the fact that it will pick up all the deductibles, coinsurance, and copays that go along with Medicare. Medicare Insurance Finders has an article explaining more on the comparison of Medicare Supplement Plans.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Rates

Understand that Medicare Supplement Insurance Rates vary from state to state. Some places like the state of Mississippi you can find rates as low as $100 per month for a Plan F while in other states like Connecticut or New York you may be luck to find a Plan F for $225 a month. The best advice we can give you is compare Medigap Premiums. Plain and simple, even Medicare explains that the main difference between these plans is the premiums charged by Medicare Supplement Plans.

Read some articles from Medicare Insurance Finders homepage to learn more about things to know when choosing a Medigap Insurance Plan. Also you can go to Medicare Insurance Quotes and get an instant online insurance quote. Not just a form that says an insurance agent will call you but an actual quote for Medicare Supplement plans.

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