What is a Scope of Appointment Form?

During the Annual Enrollment Period, you may hear the term “Scope of Appointment form” used often. You may have wondered what that is and why it is necessary.

While it is a requirement from Medicare for agents to have their client sign this before completing an enrollment into specific products, it is also a safeguard for you as well.

Since it is very easy to get Medicare products confused (Part A, B, C, etc.), a Scope of Appointment form allows the client to confidently speak to their agent about the products they are interested in and vice versa. It removes confusion from the appointment process.

What kind of appointments are Scope of Appointment forms needed?

Scope of Appointment forms are used during face-to-face appointments and for telephonic appointments as well. It is a requirement that you sign a Scope of Appointment form before your agent speaks with you regarding a prescription drug plan, Medicare Advantage plan, or a Medicare Advantage plan with prescription drug coverage (MAPD).

If you choose on the Scope of Appointment form that you only wish to speak about a prescription drug plan, and later on in the appointment you would like more information on a Medicare Advantage plan, your agent should require you to indicate that on the Scope of Appointment form.

Whether you simply want to hear about certain products and the prices associated with each, or if you know you will be purchasing a certain product, the Scope of Appointment form is required.

What kind of information is required for a Scope of Appointment?

When properly filling out a Scope of Appointment form, it will ask you to initial or indicate which products you would like to discuss. It will also ask for your first and last name, address, and other basic information. The information varies depending on which company is providing the Scope of Appointment form.

As stated before, there forms are very important during the Annual Enrollment Period. We review our client’s Prescription Drug Plans free of charge during this period. To learn more about the services that MWG Direct offers, give us a call at (877) 759-5760, opt. 2 or email us at direct@morganwhite.com.

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