VA Health Care vs. Medicare Coverage

If you qualify for VA health care coverage, your benefits package is designed specific to you. It will included services like:

  • Injury and illness treatment
  • Prevention of future health complications
  • Function abilities improvements
  • Quality of life enhancements

Not all Veterans will qualify for the added benefits such as dental care. This is based on what level or priority you are placed within. 

If you are a veteran coming off group insurance and eligible for Medicare, MWG Senior Services highly recommends enrolling in Medicare Parts A and B. This is of course optional coverage, but it is important to note that the VA classifies enrollees to distinct levels of priority. Always keep in mind that you can never have too much coverage and it is a possibility that you can lose your VA coverage. With Medicare, you are covered for situations where you are not capable of going to a non-VA provider. Please note that in order to avoid late enrollment penalties, you need to enroll upon eligibility (in your enrollment period).

With drug coverage, there is no late enrollment penalty when you sign up with a Part D plan within two months of ending coverage. If you decide to get both Medicare Part D and VA drug coverage, you have the option of using one or the other. This is beneficial for those who do not want to use the VA’s mail-order service, as well as medications the VA does not cover. For low income earners, note that you can apply for Part D’s Extra Help Program for a low-cost drug coverage.

The chart below provides insight on the pros and cons of Medicare vs. VA Health Care coverage.

Pros vs Cons of VA Health Care and Medicare Coverage

One great thing about both of these is that you don't have to choose just one type of coverage. You are given the option to have both! Although it is more expensive, it is definitely worth it in certain situations.

If you need help deciding what type of coverage is needed for your specific situation, MWG Senior Services is here for you. Our team of advisors are ready to link arms and walk through the entire process with you. The best part of it all is that our services are completely FREE! You will not pay us a dime, since we are compensated by the insurance carriers. 

You can give us a call at (877) 759-5760 or email It’s that simple!

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