Treat Yourself To A Sweet Retirement!

Sweet Retirement

With Valentine’s Day near, we wanted to share a story about a couple who is living the sweet life of retirement, thanks to the help of MWG Direct!

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful couple who were in love for 48 years. Jack and Rose met at Mississippi College in 1973. They both shared a passion for success. They spent their early years chasing their dream careers. Jack worked in the construction industry, where he started his own roofing business. This was a very laborious job that took a toll on his physical health. Rose worked at a children's hospital as an R.N., where she spent her days caring for young patients on the cardiac floor. Throughout the years of hard work, they began counting down the days to retirement.

The time had finally come where Jack and Rose were nearing the age of 65. The couple could not wait to finally enjoy the sweet life of retirement! As they were preparing for retirement, they asked themselves, "How will we find all the coverage we need when we retire?”

Since they were coming off their employer's group plan, they began searching online for ways to cover expenses like doctor’s visits and medications. Rose stumbled across MWG Direct's website, a Medicare & Retirement Insurance Resource. She was so excited to find a team of trusted advisors to guide them on the road to retirement! She learned that this company assisted people just like them with all of their Medicare and retirement insurance needs, free of charge! MWG Direct could also help them in filling their gaps in coverage for things that Medicare does not cover, including: Medicare Supplement plans, Medicare Advantage plans, Prescription Drug plans, dental, vision, and hearing plans, life insurance, long-term care, recovery care, cancer plans, and travel insurance.

Since Jack and Rose both did not have time to take off work during the day to meet with an advisor, they were able to attend one of their monthly webinars and scheduled a video conference with one of the advisors to discuss their situation. They were thrilled to find out there were so many options available with MWG Direct. With the help of their advisor, the couple found the perfect path to retirement.

If you need assistance with enrolling in Medicare or retirement insurance products, be sure to call MWG Direct at (877) 759-5762. Our team of advisors are ready to walk with you on the road to retirement!

“Your #1 Medicare & Retirement Insurance Resource”

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