Texas Medigap Plans - Mutual of Omaha

As of April 2013, Texas Medigap Plans offered by Omaha Insurance Company have been available. These are offered under the Mutual of Omaha group name and provide different benefits that many purchasers find attractive.
  1. Competitive Texas Medigap Plans - the Plan G's rates are extremely competitive. To view Plan G Rates visit our Medigap Quote Engine.
  2. Texas Medigap Plans provided anniversary rating. This means that only one rate adjustment per year can be made.

  1. Future Rate adjustments must be kept with market trend.
  2. Omaha Insurance Company offers household discounts which apply when two people living in the same household both have a Medicare Supplement policy with Mutual of Omaha.

Texas Medigap Plans

A few other things good not just with Omaha Insurance Company but any company in the state of Texas are:

  • There are no gender rates. This means that male and females pay the same rate.
  • There are no rate ups on Texas Medigap Plans. In a nutshell, some carriers give rate-ups for different things such as high Body Mass Measurement Indexes (not being evenly proportioned). This is not allowed in the state of Texas.
  • Guaranteed Issue Rights for Medicaid

What to know when comparing Medicare Supplements?

You will find us pretty consistent with this throughout our website but in a nutshell there are several things that you must do before purchasing a Medicare Supplement policy:

  1. Compare rates - Medicare Insurance Finders provides a great Medicare Supplement Quote Engine that can help you compare these plans.
  2. View the company's financial credibility - make sure it is a secure rated company with AM BEST.
  3. Make sure to use an agent/financial advisor who understands the Medicare Supplement market and offers more than one insurance company. Rates will increase - that is a fact. If your agent has other companies he can help to make sure you are not overpaying for your policy. If not you may get stuck with a plan that is overpriced!
Contact Medicare Insurance Finders today for a free Medicare analysis - Medicare Supplement and Medicare Part D! 1-877-936-2991!

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