Tennessee Medicare Supplement

A Tennessee Medicare Supplement has lower rates than most states across the country. These policies also have state requirements that make Medicare Supplement companies offer lower rates to tobacco users during certain time periods, which we will cover a little further down in the article. A 65 year old female receiving a Tennessee Medigap Quote could expect a Plan F rate of approximately $100 a month for the most comprehensive coverage offered. This is very low especially when you see Connecticut rates at around $250 for a 65 year old female.

Tennessee Medicare Supplement - Benefits

Probably the biggest benefit to tobacco users in the state of Tennessee is that the "tobacco question" is embedded in the health questions portion of the application. So if you are in a guaranteed issue period or the Open Enrollment Period your tobacco usage would not go against your Tennessee Medicare Supplement rate. In every state bordering Tennessee this rule does not apply - I am thinking some politicians were tobacco users.

Tennessee Medicare Supplement Rates

Tennessee Medicare Supplement Rates are very competitive and right now there are roughly 30 carriers offering Medicare Supplements in the state. However, eight to ten insurance companies have a majority of the business. When comparing TN Medigap Rates make sure you review the carrier's financial strength and have a decent guess of their loss ratio. If they are losing money in your state hand over foot you probably don't want to choose their plan because a hefty rate increase is probably coming.


Tennessee Medigap Quotes

Medicare Insurance Finders can help you compare Tennessee Medicare Supplement quotes in less than two minutes. We also will advise you on the B+ or higher rated carriers which are the only ones that you would want to choose. Also remember that these benefits are standardized between Medicare Supplement Companies which shows the importance of choosing a carrier with a low Medicare Supplement Rate.

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