Senior Dental Insurance

If you are looking for senior dental insurance we have a way to compare plans in all 50 states in a matter of minutes. We offer carriers such as Delta Dental, Standard Life, Madison Dental, AmFirst Insurance, Monitor Life Insurance, and other insurance companies specializing in senior insurance. Click Here to Compare Dental Rates.

Most of these plans are offered through Benefits Association, Inc., a non-profit Mississippi corporation, that offers its members the ability to enroll in an online senior dental insurance plan. The dental plans range from low premium plans (lower benefits as well) to higher premium plans (greater benefits). Premiums can range from $15 a month to roughly $70 per month just depending on what you are looking for.

Senior Dental Insurance

One thing to consider when looking for a dental policy is what are you trying to cover? Are you just wanting your cleanings covered? Or are you looking for major dental coverage like crowns?

If you are looking for senior dental insurance to cover basic services (also known as preventative) consider purchasing a basic policy with a discount plan included for the major services. This will give you coverage if you need it for the major stuff at a discount, without having to pay the regular high premiums of a full blown dental policy.

If you are a senior over the age of 65, another thing to compare while looking for dental insurance is your Medicare Supplement policy. These plans all offer the same benefits and the main difference comes down to the price of the policy. Medicare Insurance finders offers Medigap Rates in minutes by clicking right here.

 MWG Senior Services helping you with your Medicare Supplement needs.

Benefits Association, Inc., the company offering many senior dental insurance plans, also offers a guaranteed issue Senior Choice plan that mimics the Plan F Medicare Supplement. The Plan F is the most comprehensive Medigap policy and is the most popular plan on the market. However, if you can qualify for a traditional Medicare Supplement plan the prices will be more cost effective.

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