Reduce Medigap Premiums

Do you want to know 4 easy steps on how to reduce your Medigap premiums? Medicare Insurance Finders can show you the quickest way on how to reduce you Medicare Supplement Rates. There is a video posted on YouTube for demonstration purposes as well as the 4 steps below showing "How To Reduce Medigap Premiums".

Reduce Medigap Premiums

Before we show you the basic steps understand why you want to reduce your Medigap premiums and are you willing to settle for less benefits or a different insurance company to lower your premiums. Many people keep the same plan when changing insurance and a lot of people choose a different plan with more cost sharing to reduce premiums even more. So before you start down the process ask your self:

  • Are you happy with your current plan?
  • Is the main reason you are wanting to change plans due to rate increases?
  • Are you happy with claims payment?
  • Does you current insurance agent help you compare plans when you call?
  • Do you have existing health conditions that prevents you from chaning? (if so ask about the guaranteed issue medical plan)

Step 1 - Medicare Insurance Finders

The first step to reducing your insurance premiums is go to and click the get a free quote now button. You will fill out some basic demographic information pertaining to height/weight, zip code, date of birth, etc. These fields are required for a Medigap quote. (Click Here to Go to Step 1)

Step 2 - More Quoting Information

The second step asks some additional questions including your Medicare Part A and Part B effective date. These are not required but some carriers provide additional discounts based on your Part B effective date.

Step 3 - Medigap Premiums

The third step provides you with a simple comparison of the different Medigap plans in your area. These plans are sorted by lowest premium first but you can sort the plans by several different options. Remember each Medigap plan offers the same basic benefits, the main difference comes down to the cost. Medicare Insurance Finders provides the most competitive Medicare Supplement Rates in the country.

Step 4 - Confirmation Page Upon choosing a Medigap plan that looks like one you would like, you will be shown a confirmation page with a quote request number. This number will allow you to call Medicare Insurance Finders and request additional information with us not having to ask you the questions for a second time.


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