Prevent Medicare Part D Mistakes

With over 30 million drug plans written during the Annual Election Period there are going to be a few mistakes. Today, we will review some of the ways that you can prevent the Medicare Part D mistakes or issues that arise after submitting an application.

Medicare Insurance Finders has seen numerous problems arise over the years, but the number one reason why Medicare Part D mistakes take place is that people choose the Social Security deduction for their payment option. Do not choose the Medicare Part D Social Security Deduction unless you want several months of incorrect premium deductions.

Medicare Part D Mistakes

Unlike Medicare Supplement Insurance which has very few issues after an application is issued, Medicare Part D can have numerous bumps along the way with very little explanation. If you sit back and think about how many people are touching or handle your Part D application you can realize how it has problems. Medicare, Social Security, XYZ Insurance Company, Insurance Agent and yourself all touch the application in some from or fashion. Now remember that there are over 30 million of these applications being submitted - starting to see how some issues can arise?

Another common Medicare Part D mistake is that some members may not receive their insurance card. This is an easy fix - call the insurance company and ask them to send you another card. Under normal circumstances it will take 7-10 days before you receive the updated information. If you need prescriptions prior to this time ask the company for your (Member ID, BIN#, and Group#).

Medicare Supplement Insurance

If you need help figuring out your Medicare Part D, we offer guidance to our Medicare Supplement clients. Meaning if you have a Medigap policy with us we will give you Medicare Part D advice each year and help you dodge some of the Part D errors that so many people deal with each year. Our licensed agents have years of experience in the insurance industry and will be glad to assist you with your insurance questions.  

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