Plan F vs Plan G

Do you ever feel like shopping for Medicare Supplements is like shopping for a cell phone plan? There are so many options to choose from, but when you try to compare one plan to another, inevitably you forget what you were looking for in the first place.  The ads say, “Plan 1” is better than “Plan 2”, “Plan 3” is less expensive than “Plan 6”, “Plan 5” offers more, but “Plan “2” is not available with “Plan 7”.  It’s enough to turn you upside down, isn’t it? Let's learn a little about the difference between Plan F vs Plan G!

We get it! Who needs to go through all that confusion just to buy a Medicare Supplement plan?  That’s why MWG Senior Services wades through the Medicare abyss for you.  Your circumstances are unique to you, so let us help you find the plan best suited for your needs.

Here are a few simple truths we have discovered. Historically, Plan G has lower monthly rates than Plan F.  If you do not visit the doctor frequently, we typically recommend purchasing Plan G due to the less expensive monthly premiums. Below, we provide an example of the savings you can receive by using Plan G instead of Plan F.

Plan F vs Plan G

What follows is a quote for a 65-year-old female from Dallas, Texas who does not use tobacco:

Plan F rate: $124.25        Plan G rate: $97.26

The monthly difference for choosing Plan G over Plan F is $27.00

The annual difference for choosing Plan G over Plan F, which includes a $183 deductible, is a savings of $140.88. Plan G is the most popular plan with our clients and they have enjoyed the savings.

Please note, after 2020, you will not be able to purchase Plan F, however it will not affect any current policyholders. The only difference between Plan F vs Plan G is the Part B deductible which is $183 for 2018. Once the deductible is met, Plan G works just like Plan F. Plan F and Plan G are the most frequently sold plans in the market for anyone on Medicare.

To request rates for Plan G, click the following link and fill out the form: CLICK HERE FOR PLAN G QUOTES or give MWG Senior Services a call at 877-759-5760.  One of our knowledgeable advisors would be more than happy to provide a side-by-side comparison of Plan F vs Plan G. We would love to help you find a plan that fits YOUR needs and help you save money.

Do you already have a Medicare Supplement? No worries! We can still help you find a cheaper option. MWG Senior Services is here to help you navigate the Medicare maze.

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