Open Enrollment Period

We reguarly get questions pertaining to Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans. Most people think they will not be able to qualify for a Medicare Supplement unless they are in the Open Enrollment Period. Here is a question that a client asked me:
"Can I qualify for a Medicare Supplement? I recently had cancer and don't think I could answer health questions."

This individual was 64 years old and would be turning 65 very soon. I explained to him that the first 6 months after turning 65 no insurance company can ask you any health questions when applying for a Medicare Supplement, this time period is called Open Enrollment. Most insurance companies will allow you to apply up to 6 months before your 65th birthday, but some require you to wait until 2 months before your birthday to submit an application.

This client was extremely excited to hear this news given the fact that he had just recovered from Prostate Cancer. I explained that if the cancer came back their could be some substantial medical bills if he were to pass on getting supplemental insurance. He agreed this could require some additional out of pocket expenses if any other health conditions arose. He then asked:

"If the cancer came back would the insurance cover the costs or would I be required to handle this my own since it was a pre-existing condition?"

I explained that his condition would be covered 100%. At Medicare Insurance Finders, we can help you find out how to have 100% coverage through your Medicare Supplement as well. Don't hesitate to call us for help with your insurance needs and one last point to make sure is clear: a Medicare Advantage Plan does have one health question and that is "Do You Have End Stage Renal Disease".

We had a guy in North Carolina who thought he would be able to get a Medicare Advantage Plan but unfortunately he was part of the 1% of people who do not qualify for a Medicare Advantage plan due to this health condition.

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