Online Medigap Quotes

Many of our clients and brokers all across the country said they wanted an easy way to know what Medicare Supplement Rates are in a specific zip code, based on a client's criteria. Now there is a to see online Medigap quotes in minutes through Medicare Insurance Finders. Click the video below to see a 30 second clip on how easy it is to receive a Medicare Supplement Quote.

Online Medigap Quotes

We recommend our clients reviewing their Medicare Supplement policies every few years to see if there are better rates available. One thing that makes it easier is having an online Medigap quotes system that will show you rates instantly based on different factors that actuaries use in determining what the rates should be.

Online Medigap Quotes - What Information is Needed
  1. Date of Birth - your date of birth is the largest factor in your online Medigap quote. There are some states that are community age rated, in which your age is not important but it is still requested on the application.
  2. Zip Code - this will help determine the state which you are requesting Medicare Supplement Rates. Every state and some times zip codes within a state will have different rates.
  3. Gender - some states do not allow gender rates but the majority of states allow rates to vary based on male or female. Females will pay a lower rate than males in most cases.
  4. Tobacco Usage - do you use tobacco is another big question. Premiums will jump about $15- $20 per month if you are a tobacco user. Some state will ask this question in their health questions which means that if you are in Open Enrollment it will not effect your rates.
Visit Medicare Insurance Finders for your Online Medigap Quotes and other supplemental insurance needs. We have trained advisors standing by that can help you with your Medicare needs.

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