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Online Insurance seems to be the new boom in the life and health insurance industry. More and more agents are realizing that clients are searching for quotes online and don't want to speak to an insurance agent. Some of this comes from the theory that a life insurance agent will call you every day for two years just went you mention the words insurance.. So today we are going to explain different products that are worth getting an online quote for and which ones are not, plus we will give you a few statistics that will shock you regarding online insurance.

The first thing to know when comparing insurance online is that not all products are standardized or have the same form. For instance it would not be good to compare a Mercedes to a Mini Cooper and say "the Mini Cooper is better priced I need that one."

If you are going to purchase insurance online make sure you are comparing standardized products or insurance that can be easily compared. Some examples are: Medicare Supplements or Medigap Plans (Medicare Insurance Finders), Term Life Insurance (Term Life Insurance Finders), Car Insurance that has the same deductibles and coverage limits (GEICO or Progressive), and Dental Insurance (Dental 4 Everyone).

These are not the only sites that you can receive a quote from but these are products and sites that we like to get easy insurance quotes online.

Online Insurance Statistics
  1. 40% of online insurance gets its traffic from searches
  2. Typically 4 out of 5 search results point to comparison sites
  3. Mobile Home Insurance to Dental Insurance is all purchased online and growing each day
  4. Seniors searching online insurance is the fastest growing demographic segment (they were also the smallest which makes it easier to grow)
  5. Most of the companies in the top search results are paying SEO companies to help promote their services.
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