North Carolina Medicare Supplements

If you are looking for the best North Carolina Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans there are several things you need to consider before purchasing a policy. The main thing to consider is the Medicare Supplement Rates. Medicare explains in the "Medicare and You Booklet" that price is the main factor that differentiates Medigap Policies.

Here are some sample quotes of different NC Medicare Supplement Companies. Notice below that they are all quotes on a Plan F Medicare Supplement also known by many as the "Best Medicare Supplement".


North Carolina Medicare Supplement Rates

NC Medicare Supplement rates are extremely competitive. You can see above that 7 North Carolina Medicare Supplement Companies are providing rates that are below $130 per month for a Plan F. Most of the time there are 2-3 insurance companies with competitive rates but in the state of North Carolina there are more than normal, which is a great thing.

North Carolina Medigap Laws

North Carolina has beneficial laws when it comes to Medigap insurance. Below two laws are listed with brief definitions of what it means to the consumers:.

  • Under Age 65 State Requirement - Plans A & F are available and coverage is guaranteed issue if applied for within six months of Part B enrollment. This means that someone who is eligible for Medicare under the age of 65 through disability, can qualify for a Plan F Medicare Supplement with no health questions. This is not available in most states.
  • No Tobacco Questions during Open Enrollment or Guaranteed Issue Situations - This means that tobacco users get a lower rate during these enrollment periods. Tobacco questions can not be asked on a North Carolina Medicare Supplement if an individual is in Open Enrollment or a GI period.

North Carolina Health Insurance for those over 65 need to make sure to compare their medicare supplement plans. There are many carriers who are not B+ or higher rated which could cause some problems down the road.

If you would like help with your Medicare Supplement Plan contact 1-877-759-5760 to speak with a Senior Market Advisor today. We will be glad to show you all the rates based on your demographics. If you want an Online Medicare Supplement Quote Click Here.

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