No More Plan F?

In Washington, there is a lot of talk about limiting first dollar coverage in Medigap Plans. This means there would be no more Plan F coverage, which is the most popular Medicare Supplement Plan. This also means that beneficiaries would be responsible for taking on more of the risk sharing, as we see in Medicare Advantage Plans.

Plan F Coverage

The Plan F Medicare Supplement provides the most comprehensive coverage of all the Medigap plans available. This plan covers all the deductibles, coinsurance and copays that go along with Medicare - leaving you with a financial security that no other health insurance plan offers.

Congress is trying to fix Medicare. However, Congress and the country are divided on how this should be accomplished. Right now the Democrats are wanting to do away with first dollar coverage on Medigap plans because they fill that seniors would not go to the doctor over every little thing that pops up. However, the beat the Republicans up because they came up with the Medicare Advantage plans which limit first dollar coverage.

On the other hand, Republicans say this is going to hurt seniors when almost 10 years ago they proposed Medicare Advantage Plans (Medicare Part C) which holds Medicare to a specific liability each year. This drastically reduced the number of enrollments in Medigap Plans.

Plan F Rates

Medicare Supplement Insurance Rates can be found through Medicare Insurance Finders, which offers online rates to those over 65 with over twenty five insurance companies. The rates are sorted by the lowest rates first and then if you would like to look at a different plan you can sort based on the plan that you would like to compare.


Comprehensive Medicare Supplement Insurance

When comparing Medicare supplemental insurance know that rates and financial stability of the insurance company are the two most important things to compare. As you probably already know health insurance rates typically will receive increases, so make sure to compare plans so that you do not pay more than you need to for quality insurance coverage.

For Plan F Medicare Supplement Rates call 1-877-759-5760.

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