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At MWG Direct, we want to meet all our clients’ insurance needs. Over the years, we have seen our advisors grow friendships with our clients, and they have expressed to us that they like speaking with someone they trust. So, whether you recently put retirement on your radar or have been retired for years, we are expanding our retirement package to offer new products to fit any needs. Our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for our clients! All our products can be hand-selected by you with your advisor making sure you have everything you need for the adventure of retirement. They can also assist with making sure you are getting the best rates each year if you have already obtained a policy with us.

As always, our services are FREE! How can we do this? We represent leading insurance carriers with high rankings, and we are compensated through these carriers. Why explore the market on your own?

Check out your updated Retirement Insurance Checklist! We have created this so you can “check-off” the products that you know you will need upon retirement. Below, we have provided information about each product so you can learn more about what type of coverage comes with each one.

What do we mean when we say, “Packing List Essentials?"

Just like with any trip, you pack your essentials. The things that get you through your everyday such as a toothbrush, change of clothes, and much more. You also might pack a few “just in case” items such as, a first-aid kit, a few snacks, and a few extra pairs of socks. We want to make sure that you have all your essential insurance needs for retirement as well as the “just in case” items. Many individuals have been on a group plan for some time, and when turning to Medicare, you sometimes lose more coverage than you think.  Let's take a look at each product we can help you check off your list!

Medicare Supplement Plan

We see a lot of our clients looking to obtain a Medigap plan as their supplement to Medicare. We feel that it is a good choice! If Medicare covers the cost, they will pay 80%, and you are left with the remaining 20%. If you decide to go with a Medicare Supplement plan, then they will help cover the 20% that you are left with. It is important to note that if Medicare accepts the charges, then your Medicare Supplement will, too.

Medicare Advantage Plan

On your Retirement Insurance Checklist, you will either check off “Medicare Supplement Plan” or “Medicare Advantage Plan”, but not both! If you decide to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, it will usually include the services under Original Medicare, plus prescription drug coverage. Dental and vision coverage may be an option to include as well. However, the Medicare Advantage plans require you to see a certain network of doctors and physicians. These networks are also prone to change, which will cause you move from doctor to doctor.

Prescription Drug Plan

Most people enroll in a Prescription Drug Plan if they take the Medicare Supplement route. Our advisors assist in obtaining the right one for you! As an added benefit for our Medicare Supplement clients, we will review your plan every year to make sure all your medications are still covered and to verify that you are saving the most money possible. This is very important to check on every year since many of the carriers change which medications they will cover and increase or decrease premiums on a year to year basis.

Dental, Vision, and Hearing

Most people forget that they lose their dental and vision coverage when they come off their group plan and enroll in Medicare. Our agents have a very easy enrollment process for a Dental and Vision plan. For individuals that find themselves needing coverage for hearing aids, we also offer a Dental, Vision, and Hearing plan to make the enrollment process even easier for you!

Long-Term Care

No one expects to need long-term care, but sometimes the unexpected is why you purchase insurance. What is long-term care exactly? Long-term care assists with your daily living activities such as, eating, dressing, bathing, using the restroom, and moving around or walking. It can also range to household services as well.

Cancer Plan

Whether a cancer diagnosis is in your family history or not, there are options for you to protect yourself from the expenses that come with treatment. The policies available are flexible, and we can fit them to your needs and budget.

Life Insurance

We know you like to work with someone you trust when it comes to life insurance. That is why we want to offer it to our clients now! We can walk you through your different life insurance options step-by-step.

Travel Insurance

Trips usually don't go as planned. It is never a bad idea to always be prepared while traveling, especially outside the country. The saying goes, “I would rather have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it.” You may be wondering what travel insurance covers? For starters, it will cover your trip if you end up having to cancel your plans. You may also find yourself amid a medical emergency. If this happens, your travel insurance will come in. This policy will also ease your mind by covering lost luggage.


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