New Era Supplement

New Era Supplement

There is a company by the name of New Era that has been in the senior market for the past few years that is picking up a lot of the business in the Medicare Supplement arena. They offer different products but the main product they are offering is the New Era Medicare Supplement. This product has extremely low rates across the United States and is a very attractive product to many seniors looking for supplemental coverage to Medicare. New Era also has two sister companies Philadelphia American Insurance Company and New Era Midwest Insurance Company that are offering Medicare Supplements in states that the New Era Medicare Supplement is not available.

New Era Medicare Supplement Rates

The rates for New Era Medicare Supplement plans are very competitive in the market. Several things that they do which helps them to be more competitive in the marketplace are:
  1. They offer lower commissions than most Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies.
  2. They do not offer commissions on guaranteed issue business which keeps agents from writing their product in those situations.
  3. They give a bigger look back period on health questions than most companies. Example: they will look back 5 years on most major things.

These things help keep the New Era rates lower and also help them keep a healthier block of business which in turn keeps rate increases lower. Medicare Supplements with less health questions will tend to have higher Medigap rate increases which negatively affects the policyholders.

New Era Medicare Supplement - Rate Examples

As you can see in the rate example below the New Era Medicare Supplement rates are the lowest in the Dallas, Texas area. There are many places across the country that their rates will be the lowest this is just one example.

 Medicare Supplement Quotes - New Era Medicare Supplement  

If you are looking for the best Medicare Supplement rates in the market, Medicare Insurance Finder's online quote engine can help you compare Medigap Insurance in 4 easy steps. The best part about the quote engine is that it actually provides you with online Medigap quotes not just a "request more information" form.

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