Need Medicare?

If you are transitioning from a group health plan or individual coverage and need Medicare information, we can help. MWG Senior Services is a part of Morgan-White Group, and advises those 65 and older on how handle the new normal of health insurance.

Most people start trying to learn more about Medicare several months before they retire. They realize that Medicare is going to be their health insurance plan for years to come so it is important to understand the ends and out. In this article we will briefly touch on the basics of Medicare.

Need Medicare Coverage?

Medicare basics are shown below

  • Medicare Part A - Hospital Insurance. This portion of Medicare is free if you have worked 40 quarters. You need Medicare Part A once you have turned 65 and this coverage will commence when you turn 65 unless you have not worked the required time length.
  • Medicare Part B - Medical Insurance (doctors, outpatient services). This portion comes with a premium of a little over $100 per month. Higher income earners are required to pay a high income earner tax.
  • Medicare Part C - Medicare Advantage Plans. These are insurance policies run by insurance companies that manage your Medicare covered services. Not required!
  • Medicare Part D - Prescription Drug Coverage. This coverage is required and will help cover you drugs at a level premium.



Do I need Medicare Supplement Insurance?

You need Medicare supplement insurance to cover the gaps in Part A and B. There are some costs that you can probably handle on your own; however, it is nice to have supplemental coverage for the large expenses that come in catastrophic cases.

Medigap insurance is standardized so these plans can be compared very easily through Medicare Quote Engines. Medicare Insurance Providers offers quotes with over 25 insurance companies in less than 2 minutes. It can save you up to 65% on your health insurance coverage.

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