Mississippi Medicare Supplements

Mississippi Medicare Supplement Insurance provides those on Medicare with a peace of mind knowing that the gaps in Original Medicare will not leave heaps of medical bills left for them to pay. Medicare Supplements fill the gaps in original Medicare and allow a policy holder the option to choose any doctor in the country that accepts Medicare. In other words, they are not constrained to a specific doctor or group of doctors.

Mississippi Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medigap Plans have some rules in place that other states do not offer and certain rules that are very similar to other states:
  1. Mississippi Medicare Supplement Plans, like Florida, allow seniors who are just becoming eligible for a Medicare Supplement plan an open enrollment period. This allows the individual an option to choose any Medicare Supplement plan in the state. Mississippi also provides guaranteed issue rights for those who are not in Open Enrollment under the age of 65.
  2. Plans in the state of Mississippi are not rated on a community age basis. Rates are usually based on attained age status which makes rates lower for those 65 and then increases each year on the policy anniversary or birthday depending on how the carrier has their policies setup.
  3. Mississippi Medicare Supplements are some of the lowest rates in the country. A female turning 65 will pay around $100 - $150 per month for a Medicare Supplement and a man will pay around $115 - $150 per month. This shows that Mississippi does allow gender rating which keeps the premiums lower overall for the state.

Mississippi Medigap Quotes can be received by going to Medicare Insurance Finders homepage and receiving a no obligation quote that only requires a few pieces of information (Date of Birth, Zip Code of Residence, Tobacco Usage). These quotes are received in less than 2 minutes online and we offer you the ability to call in to our office an speak to a senior market advisor who can explain the different Mississippi Medicare Supplements that you are interested in.

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