Mississippi Medicare Supplement Rates

It is important to compare Mississippi Medicare Supplement Rates because the main difference between two insurance companies is the price. Medicare states in both the "Choosing a Medigap Booklet" and the "Medicare & You Booklet" that price is the distinguishing factor between Medicare Supplement Plans.

Mississippi Medicare Supplement Rates are some of the lowest in the country. Other states like Connecticut New York, Florida and parts of Texas can start as high as $275 per month for an individual turning 65. In Mississippi, a female can get a rate as low as $100 per month for a Plan F which is the most comprehensive plan available.

Mississippi Medicare Supplement Rates

There are a few factors that are important when comparing Mississippi Medicare Supplement Rates. Below we have laid out the distinguishing factors in the most important order:

  1. Date of Birth/Age - the individual's age matters when applying for coverage. The younger you are the lower your rate will be (unless you are under 65).
  2. Gender - Females are less expensive than Males. Men's rates will usually be about $15 higher per month, saying that they are of equal age.
  3. Household Discount - some companies offer a household discount which will reduce your premiums by up to 7% with some companies. You have to be living in the same household with someone else who has a Medicare Supplement Policy with that specific insurance company. The term households can apply to: mother and daughter living together, husband and wife, and sisters or brothers living under the same roof.
  4. Tobacco Usage - if you use tobacco your rates will be higher.
  5. Plan Design - which plan you choose makes a difference on the price. The more benefits you choose the higher the premium.

Unlike most states, Mississippi Medicare Supplement Rates are available to individuals under the age of 65. States like South Carolina do not provide rates for individuals under 65 on disability. To keep our Medicare Supplement Quote Engine consistent across the country it does not provide Disability Rates but you can call our office to request a quote for one of these plans.

Medicare Supplement Quote - Mississippi Rates

To receive a Medicare Supplement Quote Click Here. Some of the carriers as of April 2013 that are competitive in the state of Mississippi are: Cigna Insurance Company, Philadelphia American, American Continental, Combined Insurance Company, and Aflac Insurance Company.

March 2013 Medicare Supplement Rates

 Typically you will need to compare insurance policies every few years to insure you are not paying too much for your coverage. MWG Senior Services and Medicare Insurance Finders can provide you with the service you deserve. Please call us at 1-877-759-5760. We are located in Jackson and Oxford, MS and provide Medicare Services for thousands of clients across the state of Mississippi.

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