Mississippi Medicare Insurance

Mississippi Medicare insurance is offered to individuals over the age of 65, those under 65 and disabled, and those who have end stage renal disease. Even though a lot of residents in Mississippi will refer to Medicare Insurance Plans as "Mississippi Medicare" it is really a federal program so this term is somewhat incorrect. Residents of the great state of Mississippi that qualify for Medicare need to know that the state of Mississippi does not provide this coverage.

Throughout this article we will be showing you the supplemental plans that coincide with Medicare and will break down Medicare Premiums, Medicare Insurance Rates and other factors that you must need to know about Medicare.

Mississippi Medicare Insurance

There are several plans you can choose to fill in the gaps of Medicare that leave you with out of pocket costs. The two most common plans are Medigap Plans (Medicare Supplements) and Medicare Advantage Plans (Medicare Part C). These plans are very different but they both have interesting benefits that are beneficial to different people.

Mississippi Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplements provide coverage that will fill in the gaps of Medicare. In other words, it will pick up deductibles, coinsurance and co-pays that Medicare does not pay. Medicare Supplement premiums usually start right at $100 for for females turning 65 and around $110 for males turning 65 in the state of Mississippi. Remember to choose no less than a B+ rated Medicare Insurance Company when choosing a plan. Medicare Supplements provide great coverage and they cost more than a Medicare Advantage Plan but if you choose a plan that is not a "secure rated plan" by AM BEST RATING SERVICES you may regret your decision. As of May 2013, Cigna (American Retirement Life Insurance Company), American Continental, and Philadelphia American have the most competitive Medicare Supplement Rates in the state. However, if you and your spouse are applying together Aflac has competitive rates through their discounts.

Mississippi Medicare Advantage

Mississippi has some great Medicare Advantage plans for those who are willing to see certain physicians and understand that there is more cost sharing with these plans. Premiums are lower, their out of pocket is higher, and their networks are smaller than Original Medicare but if you are looking to save money it could be a great plan for you.

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