Mississippi Christmas Gifts 2013

This article will be a little different than typical "Medicare" based article. We will be covering what we believe are some of the top Mississippi Christmas gifts for 2013. This will include gifts you like to receive and good gifts for all those kids and grandkids. Since each state will be different in what is considered a good gift we have decided to do a post for Mississippi, since we live here and 40% of our clients base is from MS.

Mississippi Christmas Gifts - Characteristics and Qualifications

Before we tell you which gifts we believe are the top gifts in MS for 2013, we would like to tell you how these gifts where chosen.

  • Gifts were given a higher score if they had meaning or represented something from the state of Mississippi.
  • Mississippi Christmas gifts with uniqueness or hard to find in other states where also given a higher score. (Ex: XYZ toy made in MS and not found in any other state)
  • There are three categories because we did not see it being fair that a grandkid and grandparent gift be competing with one another.

Top MS Christmas Gifts

Mississippi Gifts for Grandkids

  1. Train Up Shirts - the #1 pick for the grandkids this year is the Train Up Shirts offered by a Mississippi Company that is promoting faith, fun and football through their new t-shirts and onesies! These shirts are available in all sizes and made the top 5 list in other categories but it reached number one in the grandkid section!
  2. Legos (Boys) - for boys the Legos seem to be a hot gift. According to Amazon this is expected to be one of their top sellers.
  3. Movies and Games (Girls) - the top gifts for girls this year seems to be books pertaining princess or movies with imaginative characters. Despicable Me 2 is also a top hit in the movie category for both boys and girls.

Gifts for Men

  1. Technology Gifts - Most items that have something to do with technology will top the list for this age range. Apple, Best Buy, or Visa Gift cards are great for this demographic because they will get online and try to find something that interests them.
  2. Primos or Mossy Oak gifts (Men) - Both of these companies are based out of MS and for the outdoors men in the state we enjoy our hunting and anything tagged with Primos or Mossy Oak.
  3. Saints Tickets - Since the Saints are the closest professional team to Mississippi we have to go with New Orleans Saints Tickets as another top gift.
Gifts for Women
  1. Mississippi Designed Clothes - the number one gift which is probably universal would be clothes. Mississippi has many different fashions for everyone's tastes, but we also have many boutiques that carry MS based products (Like the Train Up Shirts mentioned above.
  2. Mississippi Pottery - with Gail Pittman, Peters Pottery, and others representing MS this was a pretty easy guess.
  3. Mississippi Gift Tins - places like the MS Gift Company offers different gift tins that are made and packaged in MS. The also have Mississippi Mud Pies and other items that are great for "eatable gifts".

Thanks for checking out our Mississippi Christmas Gifts, we hope you enjoy!


Number one Mississippi Christmas Gift this year is the Train Up Shirt supporting both Mississippi State and Ole Miss.

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