Medigap Providers

When turning 65 and considering Medicare Supplemental Insurance one thing to consider would be "Is my doctor a Medigap Provider". The term "Medigap Providers" is another way of referring to the doctors and hospitals that accept Medicare. Any provider that accepts Medicare will accept a Medicare Supplement as well. So basically what you should ask yourself is, "does my doctor accept Medicare".

Medigap plans are different from Medicare Advantage Plans in many ways, but the biggest difference is the network of these two plans. As mentioned above, Medigap providers are any physician that accepts Medicare. However, Medicare Advantage Plans have specific networks that you are required to follow to receive benefits at discounted prices (HMO, PPO, PFFS - all vary slightly on network design).

Medigap Providers

Most people who are turning 65 do not know if there doctor accepts Medicare because they have never had to deal with Medicare before. They have usually had an individual health plan or a group health insurance plan that their provider accepted. Next time you are in your doctors office ask the receptionist if they accept Medicare, if the doctor does accept Medicare then you know that Medicare and your Medigap plan will pay for services.

Medigap providers typically like a Medicare Supplement plan since these plans pay in addition to Medicare. They doctor's office does not have collect from an individual, instead they will code the service as needed and send the bill to Medicare. Medicare then pays according to their schedule and then send the remainder to the Medicare Supplement Company.

Medigap Quotes

When comparing Medigap Quotes make sure to go to Medicare Insurance Finders, the most comprehensive online Medicare Supplement Quoting Engine available. Medicare Insurance Finders provides quotes with over 20 carriers all across the country and will actually provide you with an online quote. This is the easiest online process for comparing Medicare Supplemental Insurance.


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