Medigap Plan N

Everyone who has been through the initial planning of Medicare and the analysis of "Which plan is best for me," has heard about Medigap Plan F. However, not as many people have been advised on Medigap Plan N - a lower costing, competitive Medicare Supplement Plan.

A Medigap Plan N provides the same benefits as the Medicare Supplement Plan F minus a few small differences:

  • Medicare Part B Deductible ($147 - 2013)
  • $20 office visit co-pay
  • No Excess Charge coverage - this is a 15% fee providers can charge over the Medicare approved amount. In over 8 years of specializing in the supplemental senior insurance market we have never seen anyone charged with this fee.

Medigap Plan N Comparison

The below images will show the outline of coverage for the Medigap Plan N as well as rates that can be seen for these supplemental plans. Understand that rates will usually be about 25% lower with the Plan N compared to a Plan F Medicare Supplement. We are seeing more and more people willing to pay the small Part B deductible and $20 co-pay to have a lower monthly premium.

Medicare Supplement Plan N Rates (Fewer Insurance Companies offer Plan N)

 Medicare Supplement Rates for the Plan N

The rates above are over $30 cheaper than the Plan F per month. That means that you are saving on average $360 per year on the Plan N versus the Plan F premium. However, if you use you whole Part B Deductible and go to the doctor 6 additional times you will still pay less for the Plan N per year than through the plan F in this state's comparison.

If you want to compare Medicare Supplement Plans contact Medicare Insurance Finders at 1-877-936-2991 or visit us on the web at our homepage. Our certified advisors are ready and willing to help you compare plans and find the best coverage available.

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