Medicare Supplement Underwriting

Do you understand the requirements for changing your Medicare Supplement? Let me explain.  If you are not eligible for Open Enrollment or Guaranteed Issue, you’ll go through Medicare supplement underwriting.

MWG Senior Services is contracted with many carriers and they ask a different set of health questions, so if you have a health condition, we will review the health questions to find a carrier that would consider you for coverage. If we feel like you will automatically be declined due to a health condition or a drug that you are taking, our advisors will let you know before even going through the whole process.

We also offer a carrier that asks no health questions, so even if you cannot go through underwriting, we have something for you! Medicare supplement underwriting can be different depending on the carrier. If one carrier doesn’t work for you, then I know we can find one that will!

What follows are common questions that we receive from clients about changing their supplement:

  1. Is there a certain time to change my supplement?
  2. What are the requirements to change my supplement?
  3. Is there another company out there that could save me money?
  4. Will my bank account be drafted twice if my new supplement is approved, but I still have the old one?
  5. Will I be without coverage once I cancel my old policy until the new one starts?

Here are the answers to the previous frequently asked questions:

  1. There is no certain time to change your Medicare supplement. You can change it anytime throughout the year.
  2. The only requirement for changing your supplement is going through Medicare supplement underwriting.
  3. We are often asked if there is anything less expensive out there? Frequently there are economical options, however there are also times when what the consumer is paying is cheaper then what is being offered elsewhere.
  4. Another common question regards double-drafting. If you go through the Medicare supplement underwriting process and your new policy is approved, the way we keep you from being double-drafted is cancelling the old policy before payment on the new plan is due.
  5. We always wait until the new policy is approved before we cancel the old one. For example, if your effective date is 7/1/2018 for the new policy, we will not cancel the old policy until the new policy begins. We do this so that you are never without coverage.

 If you are unhappy with your current plan and the premium you are currently paying, MWG Senior Services will be more than happy to provide quotes on lower rates Give our team a call at 877-759-5760 or send us an email at We are always here and ready to help save YOU money!


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