Medicare Supplement Plan F

Understanding Medicare Supplement options can be confusing.  That’s why MWG Senior Services is dedicated to helping you navigate the Medicare maze!

You may be familiar with the Medicare Supplement Plan F.  Although Plan F is the most popular plan because it pays everything after Medicare pays, historically it has higher rate increases.  In addition, Plan F will be phasing out in 2020 along with Plan C.

Plan G is another popular plan and can even save you money!  Everyone likes to save money, right?  What follows is a comparison of how you can save money should you choose Plan G over a Plan F.

Plan F

Plan G

Covers Part B Deductible Doesn’t Cover Part B Deductible
Historically higher rate increases Historically lower rate increases
Higher premiums More affordable premiums
Phasing out in 2020 Will still be on the market in 2020


The Medicare Supplement Plan F is a great plan to have if you go to the doctor frequently, because it picks up the remaining 20% after Medicare pays.  However, if you are a healthier individual, Plan G can not only save you money each month, but also in the long run.

Plan F and Plan C are going away in 2020 for any new Medicare beneficiaries, therefore, we predict, this will cause higher rate increases for those that already have either of these plans.  If that happens, call MWG Senior Services and let us help you find a cost effective alternative.

Yes, the Medicare Supplement Plan F may be the most popular plan, but it may not be your best option.  We can help you find a plan that fits your needs. The team at MWG Senior Services will be happy to help you change your current Medicare Supplement or even assist you in signing up for a Medicare Supplement for the first time!

Call MWG Senior Services at 877-759-5760 or email us at  To request a Medicare Supplement rate now, click HERE!

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