Medicare Supplement Insurance Company

In brief this article will cover some of the concerns seniors have when their doctor has not heard about their Medicare Supplement Insurance Company. A perfect example would be when....

Amber Douglas one of our Senior Market Advisors told me that she gets questions all the time from clients and those interested in Medicare Supplement Insurance asking,

"I called my doctor's office and they have never heard of the insurance company you recommended why should I choose them?"

So today we are going to address this question.

MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT INSURANCE COMPANY - Medicare Insurance Finders Medicare Insurance Finders and MWG Senior Services will never promote a product that is not with a Secure Carrier with AM BEST. This means that they must be a B+ rating or higher. So understand that carriers recommended are not a fly by night company. We make sure to put clients with a carrier that is the best fit for their insurance needs.

How the claims process works:

  1. The doctor files the claim with Medicare
  2. Then Medicare sends the EOB over to the Medicare Supplement Carrier
  3. The Medicare Supplement Insurance Company then pays their portion of the claim within 10 days on average. Mandatory to pay within 60 days.

Now if the doctors office sends the bill to Medicare and not the insurance company does it make sense why the doctor's office may never have heard of Medicare? The doctor's office typically does not deal with Medicare Supplement Companies, they may deal with group health insurance or Medicare Advantage Plans but usually not Medicare Supplements.

If you have a good insurance agent call them and they will be able to help explain this in greater detail to you or you can call Medicare Insurance Finders and we will help guide you through the Medicare maze. We hope this little short tip of the day will help you in your Medicare Supplemental Insurance search.

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