Improper Use of Medicare Funds

According to different reports through NAHU news wire "the Obama administration has made more than $100 million in improper Medicare payments on behalf of prisoners and illegal immigrants between 2009 and 2011, according to the administrations top healthcare cop".

The article goes on to say that roughly 91.6 million was spent on close to 2,500 illegal immigrants between 2009 and 2011, and over $33.6 million in Medicare payments covered 11,600 prisoners. That is a lot of use of taxpayers dollars. In order to keep Medicare solvent we can not be spending money from Medicare on individuals who have not paid into Medicare. Race, Color, Sex, etc. does not matter; however, leaching off the system that is already headed down the financial toilet is a problem.

Medicare Payments

Original Medicare was put into place in 1965 to assist seniors and those with disabilities with their health insurance. Since health insurance tends to get more expensive as we age this system seemed like a life saver to those who had not prepared for the retirement or the expenses that followed pertaining to health insurance.

Medicare Part A covers the hospitalization of Medicare, while Medicare Part B covers the Medical side. These two parts are considered Original Medicare.

Currently the cost of Medicare to our country is in the $500 billion -$600 spending range each year. In 2010, it was $516 billion with a projected growth or increase of 7% over the next few years. Billions in medicare payments are spent on "Medicare Fraud". This is people filing false claims to Medicare and receiving payments back.

Supplemental Coverage to Medicare Payments

Medicare supplement plans will provide supplemental coverage to Original Medicare and these plans will pay the difference or the portions that Medicare will not pay. If you are looking for insurance quotes for Medicare Supplemental coverage go to Medicare Insurance Finders for a Medigap quote in under two minutes.

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