Medicare Part D Plan Pharmacies

An article was released in Fox News on October 10, 2012, stating that Walgreens is jumping on the Prescription Drug Plan ban wagon. Humana and Walmart started this partnership in 2010 when they created a Humana-Walmart Preferred Plan. Several years before this Walmart was one of their main providers but when the two companies sponsored a joint plan, Humana saw enrollments increase.

As stated by Fox News:

Walgreen will be a part of the preferred pharmacy networks for Medicare Part D plans for Humana Inc. (HUM), UnitedHealth Group Inc. (UNH), Coventry Health Care Inc. (CVH) and new Medicare Part D offering SmartD Rx. A Walgreen spokesman said all of the agreements were new with the exception of Coventry, whose preferred pharmacy network Walgreen joined last year.
Walgreens has 7,944 chains domestically with over 50,000 competing chain drug stores. Walgreens said their decision was based on trying to offer their Medicare Part D clients more options between Part D plans. The annual election period starts Monday, October 15th and goes through December 12th.

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