Medicare Part D Analysis

Do you know how to complete a Medicare Part D analysis? An even better question is: does your Medicare Supplement agent help you compare Part D plans each year? If not you need to call Medicare Insurance Finders who will compare Medicare Part D plans each Annual Election Period (October 15th - December 7th) to make sure you have the most cost effective plan for your needs.

Medicare Part D Analysis - How does it work?

To compare Medicare Part D plans several things need to take place. Below we have them listed in the preferred order to make sure all grounds are covered.

  1. First you need a list of your prescription drugs. If you take the generic give the generic prescription name not the name brand drug. Looking up a prescription by the name brand will make it more expensive (no point of looking that one up if your not taking it).
  2. Make sure to include: name of prescription, milligrams, pharmacy used and the number of pills per month on the list you make. If you don't have this information a complete Medicare Part D Analysis can not be completed.
  3. Send your information to Medicare Insurance Finders who will look up the prescriptions in the formulary finder provided by Medicare. You can do this yourself if you know how to navigate the system. One word of caution, once an individual enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan thinking they were rolling in a Part D plan on the Medicare website. UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE DOING!
  4. He show you the options that pull up as the most cost effective Prescription Drug Plans for you.

Free Medicare Part D Analysis

We help our clients with their Free Medicare Part D Analysis each year during the Annual Election Period. We also help those who are turning 65 and need help with their Medicare Supplement and Part D.


Providing advice on Medicare Supplements for individuals with health issue.

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