Medicare Open Enrollment 2015

It is the peak season for Medicare beneficiaries! Medicare Open Enrollment, aka Annual Election Period, is October 15th - December 7th. During this time, you can review your 2015 options for certain products.

One of the most common misconceptions is that the Medicare Open Enrollment or Annual Election Period is the only time you can change your Medicare Supplement. You can definitely switch your Medicare Supplement during this time, but did you know that you can actually change your Medicare Supplement at ANY time throughout the year? You aren't restricted to a certain date to change these plans.

If your Medicare Supplement rate has suddenly increased to a point that you can no longer afford or maybe you just want to see if there are lower rates for you, click the following link to be directed to our Medicare Supplement Quote Engine:

Remember, you can change your Medicare Supplement or Medigap plan during the Medicare Open Enrollment Period, but if at any point throughout the year you are not happy with your rate, give us a call! Our team number is 1-877-759-5760. We can also be reached through our team e-mail

Fact: The Part B premium and deductible will remain the same for 2015.

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