Medicare Help for Mississippi

MWG Senior Services is providing Medicare Help to the residents of Mississippi. Morgan-White Group (MWG) is headquartered in Jackson, MS and is recognized as being one of the top businesses in the state. The company started a senior division of the company after realizing that there were countless Mississippians needing help with the Prescription Drug and Medicare Supplement Plans.

Medicare Help - MWG Senior Services

MWG Senior Services offers free drug plan analysis to all their Medicare Supplement clients. They recommend being one of the best ways to compare Medicare Part D plans but recommend their Medicare Supplement Quote Engine as the top way to compare supplemental insurance.

"People need help with their Medicare Drug Plans. If you do not know how to compare plans it would be easy to enroll in the wrong plan or stay enrolled in your current plan because you were happy with last year's coverage." states Ryan Eaton the senior division manager.

Medicare Help in the State of Mississippi is hard to find. There are very few companies in MS that offer Medicare guidance for those over 65. Don't get us wrong there is always someone who can sell a Medicare Supplement plan or another type of insurance policy, but there are very few senior market advisors that can help Medicare beneficiaries compare their plan options.


Need Help - What Should You Do

If you need Medicare help MWG Senior Services can assist you. The first step would be to call 1-877-936-2991 and speak with one of their senior market advisors who would ask you some initial questions about your situation. These questions are asked because their are time frames and enrollment periods that we have to work through.

One of the specialists in the MWG office will then set an appointment with you, which you can come to the office for your consultation. MWG Senior Services is located off I-55 in Jackson between Briarwood and Adkins Drive.

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