Medicare Educational Resources

This article was written to be provide a Medicare Educational Resources Guide for those new to Medicare or just wanting a place to go and gather information. Below we have different segments broken down which will provide you access to online articles, videos, and other content that will help you navigate the Medicare Maze.

Medicare Educational Resources

Below there will be three different subheadings that will distinguish what type of Medicare Educational Resources will be displayed. The first resource will be Medicare Videos that are featured on You Tube and other websites. Videos providing Medicare Information

These videos range from 2-5 minutes each and will give you guidance on the video you choose. Other Educational Resources can be found on You Tube, but Medicare Insurance Finders recommends the above videos.

Articles Providing Information

The below links will be linking you to different websites. Some are through Medicare Insurance Finders while others are through CMS (Medicare) or Social Security. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions that are not easily view able online.

The articles and videos above should be able to guide you through the basics of Medicare and the supplemental insurance that can be purchased to fill in the gaps of your healthcare expenses. If you would like to learn more about Medicare Supplemental Insurance or other insurance products that can be purchased, please go to to view quotes in your zip code.

Medicare Supplement Online Rates

Here are some basics of what the Medigap Quotes will appear as when you enter the basic information required.

 Compare Mississippi Medicare Rates - American Continental Medicare Supplement Rates

As you can see this is very informative information if you are looking to compare insurance quotes. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our offices at 877-759-5760 to learn more about your Medicare options.

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