Knee Replacement Surgery & Medicare

What is knee replacement surgery?

This procedure is also known to be “Knee Arthroplasty” and is a term defining a surgical procedure to resurface an injured knee from arthritis. This surgery treats pain and disability for the knee. The average age for people who have had this operation are above 66 years old, which is around the time most individuals are retiring. 

Does Medicare cover knee replacement surgery?

If you are enrolled in Medicare and your doctor documents that your knee replacement operation is medically essential, Medicare will cover it. Another factor that will apply is if it is inpatient or outpatient surgery. Be sure to note the following:

  1. Medicare Part A will cover your inpatient stay for this procedure once your deductible has been met.
  2. After the Part B deductible has been met, Part B will cover 80% of allowable charges for outpatient surgery.
It is important to keep in mind that with this procedure, you might be responsible for any deductible or coinsurance.

    Why would you need a Medicare supplement?

    Depending on the Medicare Supplement plan that you choose, it might cover some cost of this type of procedure. These plans assist with deductibles, coinsurance or copayments.

    You will need to know that your prescription drugs are not covered by Medicare or a Medicare Supplement, which we would advise you considering a Prescription Drug Plan to cover the out-of-pocket cost.

    How can MWG Senior Services help you?

    MWG Senior Services can assist in everything from enrolling in Medicare Parts A and B, to picking out retirement insurance that fits your needs. We have a wide variety of options available for you, such as:

    • Medicare Supplement
    • Prescription Drug Plan
    • Medicare Advantage Plan
    • Life Insurance
    • Cancer Plan
    • Heart Attack or Stroke Plan
    • Hospital Indemnity
    • Long Term Care or Recovery Care
    • Dental
    • Vision
    • Hearing
    • Travel Insurance

    If you would like to talk with someone about Medicare or retirement insurance, be sure to call MWG Senior Services at (877) 759-5760 or email Our team of advisors are ready to answer any questions you might have.

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