Keep Your Vision 20/20 in the New Year

It is no secret that your eyesight may change over the years. With over half of the population wearing glasses, vision insurance is a must, but when you turn 65 and retire, where do you go for coverage? And what does Medicare cover? Trust us, keeping up with what Medicare does and does not cover can be a full-time job, we know.

Normally, Medicare does not cover eyeglasses or contact lenses. However, if you have undergone cataract surgery then Part B will help cover corrective lenses, either one pair of eyeglasses or one set of contact lenses. Both must be provided by your ophthalmologist.

Cataract Surgery

Also called lens replacement surgery, cataract surgery is a common procedure that is generally safe, and it is, in fact, covered by Medicare, with eighty percent of cataract surgery being done on Medicare recipients.

Questions to ask your doctor if thinking about having cataract surgery:

  • Do you accept Medicare?
  • Will the procedure be performed at a hospital?
  • What medications will I need before and after surgery?

Routine Eye Exams

Medicare will not cover routine eye exams for glasses or contact lenses. However, if you have diabetes, then Medicare Part B will cover an annual eye exam for diabetic retinopathy. Just like everything else with original Medicare, they will pay 80% and you will be left with 20% of the costs.

If you are at high risk for glaucoma or are diagnosed with glaucoma, then Medicare will cover an annual glaucoma test. You are considered a high risk if one of these applies to you:

  • You have been diagnosed with diabetes.
  • You are African American and are age 50 and over.
  • You are Hispanic and are age 65 and over.
  • You have a family history of glaucoma.

“I have vision insurance with my group plan, but once I retire, I won’t have vision coverage anymore. What do I do?”

When you think of MWG Direct, you may think about our advisors helping you obtain a Medicare Supplement policy that fits your needs and your budget, but we can also assist in vision insurance and much more. MWG Direct is a one-stop shop for all things insurance once you retire. From vision and dental insurance to long-term care and life insurance! We will even assist in finding a Prescription Drug Plan that is right for you.

If you have questions about navigating the ever-changing Medicare maze or retirement insurance options, we have advisors ready to light the way! Call us at (877) 759-5760 or email It’s that simple!

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