Health Care Law - Medicaid Expansion

A portion of the new Health Care Law, Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), has a portion that describes the expansion of Medicaid across the country. Under this law, each state would be responsible for administration of the Medicaid funds but the federal government would contribute 100% of the funds needed to expand in 2014 - 2016. In 2017 - 2020, the federal government would contribute 90% of the expansion cost.

Health Care Law - Mississippi

According to Governor Phil Bryant of Mississippi, the expansion would still cost the state of Mississippi millions in administrative costs even during the time period where the federal government would subsidize 100%.

Others in support of the Health Care Law expansion say that this comes as a free economic boost to the state. Some advocates even think that the governor's opinion is not about the money at all but about the conflict it is causing before the presidential election. While this theory is being thrown around the Washington Post quotes Phil Bryant as saying "Since when did the federal government ever give free money without asking for something in return?"

Mississippi Medicaid Statistics

The expansion of Medicaid under the new Health Care Law would add approximately 476,000 people to the state's Medicaid rolls. This would take the state from roughly one in five people qualifying for Medicaid to having 1 in 3 people qualifying for Medicaid due to the healthcare law.

Mississippi spends roughly 15 percent of the state's budget on Medicaid which equates to almost $822 million. Since MS ranks at the top of the charts for several things: poorest, least healthy, highest diabetes, and obesity it does not need another government program that will put the state further in the hole.

However other senators are saying that it could bring thousands of jobs to Mississippi and would be a stimulus of its own if it were to go through.

Mississippi Medicare Supplements

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