Georgia Medicare Supplement

Georgia Medigap Insurance is supplemental insurance that fills in the gaps of Original Medicare. Like most states Georgia follows the standardized Medicare Supplement Plans that were set into place in 1992 and the re-organized in 2010 under the Medicare Modernization Act.

The most popular Georgia Medigap Plan is the Plan F. The reason this plan is so popular is because it covers all the deductibles, coinsurance and co-pays that Medicare leaves for you to pay. All you have to do is pay the premium and everything is taken care of as long as it is medically necessary (cosmetic surgeries not covered).

Georgia Medigap Insurance Plans

Below are the different Medigap (Medicare Supplement) plans offered in the State of Georgia. As you will notice there are 10 plans that have different coverage options. The Plan F, Plan G and the Plan N are the three most common plans sold.

Georgia Medigap Laws

Georgia Laws state that all Medigap plans are available to those under 65 and coverage is guaranteed issue if applied for within six months of Part B enrollment. This is extremely beneficial to those on Medicare disability. For more information about Georgia Medicare Supplement laws please contact Medicare Insurance Finders (1-877-759-5760).

Georgia Medicare Supplement Rates

To compare Medicare Supplement Insurance rates, the best option is to go to Medicare Insurance Finders and click the Get Rate button. This will allow you to enter some basic information and then you will receive Medicare Supplement Rates from over 20 carriers. Medicare Insurance Finders specializes in helping people compare Medicare Supplement Plans. With over 25 years in the insurance industry we have seen carriers come and go and can help you choose a plan that will keep a low rate.

Call Medicare Insurance Finders now for your free Medicare Supplement Quote. 1-877-759-5760.

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