Financial Advisor Medicare Training

One of the benefits for financial advisors that partner with Medicare Insurance Finders is that we offer Financial Advisor Medicare Training. This training is online and keeps advisors up to date on the different parts of Medicare that could affect an individuals retirement planning.

For instance most advisors are not aware that Medicare Part B and Part D have high income penalties that are accessed monthly for those enrolled with incomes over $85,000 for individuals and $170,000 for married couples. These penalties must be addressed with clients and that is why Medicare Insurance Finders covers this in the Financial Advisor Medicare Training.

Financial Advisor Medicare Training

Most financial advisors we meet with explain that all they want is a simple understanding of Medicare and then they would like to refer that business to someone who is a specialist in the area of Medicare and Medicare Supplements.

"Medicare changes to much for me to stay on top of. I like sending my business to Morgan-White Group who will handle our Medicare Supplement Business." - Financial Advisor (Mississippi)

We provide advisors and insurance agents not specializing in the Medicare market with all the tools to track your referrals online, offer quotes on your website, and marketing material to generate referrals from your client database, without having to handle any of the applications or service work. It is a very easy process that many advisors all across the country have come to appreciate

. We also offer a short and to the point financial advisor Medicare training class that can be viewed online. This video provides you with the basic information you need to know about Medicare, while not having to jump over into the expert category.

High Income Earner Penalties

One thing that you will learn through the Medicare training program is the importance of understanding the "High Income Earner Penalties". There are times when a business owner should stay on his group health insurance plan rather than enrolling in Medicare Part B, D and a Medicare Supplement. In the training program we will show detailed examples on when not to join Medicare.

For more information on the "Financial Advisor Medicare Training Program" please contact 1-877-759-5760 for more information. Also you can visit our website at

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