Expensive Medicare Part B Drugs

An article was recently published in Insurance News Week that enlightened us to the expenses that Medicare Part B Drugs are costing. In 2010, the 55 highest costing drugs covered under Medicare Part B cost over 16.9 billion dollars. This comes out to roughly 85% of all Medicare spending on Part B drugs. The 10 highest expenditure prescriptions cost 45% of all the Medicare Part B expenditures, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Medicare Part B Drugs

You are probably thinking right now, "I thought Medicare Part D covered prescriptions - Not Medicare Part B". Well you are correct in thinking that Medicare Part D covers prescriptions; however, Medicare Part B covers prescriptions administered by the doctors offices and clinics. That is why these drugs are so expensive. Medicare Part B drugs are not over the counter prescriptions. They can be any of the following:

  • Drugs used with an item of durable medical equipment
  • Some antigens
  • Injectable osteoporosis drugs
  • Blood clotting factors
  • Injectable and infused drugs
  • ESRD Drugs
  • Parenteral and enteral nutrition - for people who can not absorb food by mouth.
  • Flu Shots, Hepatitis shots, etc...

Medicare Part B Drug expenditures account for roughly 9% of all Medicare Part B spending. Drug costs covered by Medicare Part B range from $13 for influenza vaccines to approximately $217,000 for prescriptions used to treat hemophilia sufferers.

Medicare Part D Prescriptions

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Prescriptions at a pharmacy are covered under Medicare Part D.

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