Elderly Activities

Today we are going to review different elderly activities, exercises and hobbies that are common among seniors. If they are not common in your life you should consider adding a few in so that your overall health will improve according to statistics.

Elderly Activities

First lets kick off with popular elderly activities that can be beneficial and refreshing. We will name 5 items for each category.

  1. Touring gallery openings or art walks
  2. Volunteering to usher - Whether you are volunteering at church or a local play it lifts the spirits to know you are being helpful.
  3. Be a greeter - Church, Walmart and Bass Pro greeters always bring a smile to your face. Giving cheer to others is one of the best things you can do to beat depression.
  4. Bingo Halls - Having friends and people you can talk to on a regular basis increases overall health.
  5. Outdoor activities - Outdoor activities such as gardening, walking, and playing with grand kids will not only help you get some Vitamin D but it will increase your energy levels according to statistics.

Beneficial Exercises

Exercising is always important but as we age our body tends to slow down. We have all heard the expression "if you don't use it you will lose it". This also applies to your muscles! As we age it is important to include muscle building exercises, flexibility and cardio into our daily lives.

How do these elderly activities benefit me?

  • Muscle building will help keep your muscles strong and keep ligaments and tendons tighter.
  • Yoga or flexibility will help prevent falls. With over 300,000 broken hips last year alone falling due to losing balance is an important thing to fight against. Increasing your flexibility can help fight a pulled back and falling over.
  • Cardio does a lot for your heart! Muscle building exercises are also important but the cardio helps get your heart pumping and establishes comfort levels with moving further than the couch to fridgerator.

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