Disability Medicare Supplement in MS

Now Medicare Insurance Finders is offering a Disability Medicare Supplement in the state of Mississippi. Our quote engine does not provide disability quotes; however, by calling us at 1-877-759-5760 we can give you a disability Medigap quote in less than 5 minutes. Also read the rest of this article to find out about the beneficial laws in Mississippi pertaining to Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Disability Medicare Supplement Insurance

Under Age 65 Medicare supplements are commonly referred to as a "Disability Medicare Supplement". Medicare is only given to those under age 65 if they have a disability or end-stage-renal-disease. In most states this means that they would not qualify for Medicare Supplement Insurance.

The state of Mississippi has different laws that offer a guaranteed issue period when you first become eligible for Medicare under age 65. This actually provides those who qualify for Medicare Disability with two Open Enrollment Periods. The first open enrollment period is when first receiving Medicare and the other is when you Turn 65. To watch a short video on Mississippi Medicare Supplements Click Here.

Disability Medicare Supplement - American Continental

Disability Medigap Insurance is available in Mississippi through an insurance company by the name of American Continental (owned by Aetna Insurance Company). This carrier provides the most competitive rates for disability coverage in the state of Mississippi in 2013. These rates may change in the future but even if they received a 15% rate increase they would still be the lowest priced carrier in the state.

Call Morgan White Group at 1-877-759-5760 for your quote today. There is no difference in price between calling the insurance company directly or calling our office. However, if you call us you will have someone who can handle all the service work on your policy.

Thank you for choosing Medicare Insurance Finders and Morgan-White Group as you Mississippi Medicare Supplement Insurance Provider.

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