Cost of Medigap Insurance

Across the country we hear news daily talking about the high costs of health insurance. We have seen medical inflation of over 8% per year and the average health insurance costs of the American family rise drastically over the last 10 years. Companies across the country are paying less and less of the premiums due to the high cost of insurance so they are either lowering benefits or passing the costs along to the employees. The good news is that once you become eligible for Medicare, the cost of Medigap insurance is much cheaper than what the average person is paying for their health insurance.

Cost of Medigap Insurance

The cost of Medigap insurance will vary based on numerous factors by state, but the average turning 65 year old across the country will be paying approximately $130 per month for Plan F Medicare Supplement coverage. This means that for less than $150 a month most seniors can have no deductibles, no coinsurance, and no copays for their Medicare covered services.

Medigap Insurance Quotes

Medigap insurance quotes are made available online through Medicare Insurance Finders. You can easily compare the cost of Medigap insurance from your home without having to pick up the phone and call 20 different insurance companies. As seen in the picture above we show you what the Medicare Supplement Companies are rated with AM BEST as well as the monthly and annual premiums. Some carriers will charge a policy fee but others do not charge these one time fees.

The most effecient way to compare the costs of Medigap insurance is through Medicare Insurance Finders. Most of the online quotes that you are promised do not even provide you with a quote but with an insurance agent who calls you for weeks. At Medicare Insurance Finders we provide you with online quotes in minutes with well known insurance companies.

Find out the cost of Medigap insurance today and save yourself over $700 a year on average through Medicare Insurance Finders.

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