Connecticut Medicare Supplement

Connecticut Medicare Supplements are different than most Medicare Supplement Plans across the country, not that their benefits are different but the state laws tend to make the Medigap prices a little higher than most states. In this article, we will cover an alternative option to a standardized Connecticut Medicare Supplement that can save you thousands of dollars a year.

Unlike most states Connecticut Medicare Supplements have no health questions and the state is rated on a community based pricing model. This means that the sickest individual can purchase a Medigap policy at anytime and if he is 95 years old he gets the same price as a 65 year old with a specific carrier. Do you see how this can make the price of Medicare Supplements in Connecticut higher?

Lower Connecticut Medigap Rates

Benefits Association Inc. offers a guaranteed issue supplemental Medicare plan that mimics the Connecticut Medicare Supplement Plan F. The premium is roughly $50 a month lower than the standardized Medigap Plan and there the differences are so minimal between the plans.

The Standardized Medicare Supplement and the Group Retiree Medicare Supplement both cover Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles, both plans cover 100% of excess charges, both plans cover foreign travel, and both plans cover 100% co-insurance. The only difference are some small co-pays that the BAI Group Retiree Medical Plan requires you to pay at a doctor visit.

Enrollment - Connecticut Medicare Supplement

To enroll in this plan you can:

  1. Call MWG Senior Services (800.800.1397 option 6) ask for information on the BAI Group Retiree Medical Plan
  2. Go to Benefits Association, Inc. and click the retiree package tab
  3. Email: to find out more information
This coverage provides portable coverage that has a three year average of less than 3% rate increases and a three year average of less than 1% on their new business rates. The company that promotes this product is secure rated with AM Best and has been in business for over 75 years. If you are interested in the best Connecticut Medicare Supplement available call us today.

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