Compare Medigap Insurance Plans

Are you looking to save money on your health insurance? Then you need to compare Medigap insurance plans. If you are over 65 and are looking to save over $1,000 a year in insurance premiums, we will recommend the top two savings methods for senior insurance. The first thing is to compare Medigap insurance plans and the second method for saving over $1,000 per year is to compare Medicare Part D plans.

Compare Medigap Insurance Plans

A very important way to save big on your insurance premiums is to compare Medigap insurance rates every 2-3 years. Benefits are standardized among these plans so it is import to compare Medigap Insurance Plans every few years to ensure that you do not pay to much for your Medicare Supplement Premiums.

This is how you compare Medicare Insurance Plans through Medicare Insurance Finders. Notice the top image has plan design while the bottom image has plan rates.

If you notice in the comparing Medigap insurance rates image there is a $60 per month difference in the monthly premiums. That is a $720 annual savings in just the Medigap Insurance Rates alone, now when you add in Medicare Part D Savings this individual should be well over $1,500 per year.

Compare Medicare Part D Plans

When comparing Medicare Part D plans you will need to have a list of your prescriptions including dosage and milligrams per prescription. If you do not know the prescriptions you are taking it is impossible to accurately compare Medicare Part D Plans.

Medicare Insurance Finders will assist you in looking up your Medicare Part D plan while we are helping you compare Medigap insurance plans. We will help you analyze the different Part D plans if you allow us to be your Medicare Supplement Insurance Agent.

Thank you for choosing Medicare Insurance Finders as your online Medicare resource!

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