Compare Medicare Supplemental Insurance

If you are looking to compare Medicare Supplemental insurance there are several things you need to know before you get started. One of the main things to know is that price is king when it comes to Medigap policies. Benefits are standardized, which means that a Plan F with Blue Cross Blue Shield has the exact same coverage as a Plan F with United Health Care Insurance Company. This should tell you that if benefits are the same, price is the biggest factor involved when you compare Medicare supplemental insurance.

Compare Medicare Supplemental Insurance - Top Tips

  1. Rates - as mentioned above rates are the number one thing to consider when you compare medicare supplemental insurance.
  2. Loss Ratios - this is a factor not many people consider when choosing a Medigap policy. The key here is to understand that loss ratios affect rate increases. The lower the loss ratios the lower the rate increases, the higher the Medigap loss ratios the higher the Medigap rate increases.
  3. Secure Rated Carrier - choose a carrier that is secure rated with AM Best. Choose a carrier with a B+ rating or higher. Obviously like any rating agency they have made some bad calls in their days on some insurance companies; however, they have tightened the reins alot since 2008 and insurance companies have to do a pretty thorough job with their financials to get a secure rating.

Compare Medicare Supplemental Insurance Rates

If you are wanting to compare Medicare supplemental insurance rates we have a list below showing the different steps you can take to get online quotes in less than 2 minutes with over 20 Medicare Supplement Companies.

  1. Go to or Medigap Quotes Page
  2. Enter the basic information required to get a quote (DOB, Zip Code, Tobacco Preference, Etc.)
  3. Step 2 will have you enter the basic contact information
  4. Step 3 will show you different Medigap Rates with over 20 carriers
  5. Step 4 will provide you with contact information and a quote id should you have any questions when comparing Medicare supplement rates.

Compare Medigap Benefits - Different Plan Designs

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